Try out these fun activities!

thumbnail of percussion game

Click here to become a rhythm master - listen to the patterns and learn how to repeat them. Then, in this activity, figure out which percussion instruments can be shaken, which ones can be hit with a stick, hich ones can be hit with your hand and which ones can be hit together. See if you can figure it out!

thumbnail of coffee can drum

Make your own drum out of an empty coffee can and materials you can find at home. Then, tap out fun rhythms and march to your own beat!

thumbnail of name the instruments

See if you can name all of the instruments of the orchestra pictured here! Draw a line from the picture to its name.

thumbnail of water xylophone

Use glasses, water, and some food coloring to make a xylophone at home. Then, see what kind of songs you can compose on your new instrument!

thumbnail of composition activity

Click here to create your own musical piece using shapes, colors and sounds. You become the composer and can even save your compositions to listen to again and again. Then, you'll see how composers choose instruments as different “characters” in their music. In this activity, which instrument would you match up with each character in our composition activity? First, unscramble the names of the instruments on the left. Then, choose an instrument to fit a character on the right by drawing a line to connect them.

Use a handful of plastic straws and some tape to make your very own pan flute. What kind of songs do you think you'll play?